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marikunin in legendaries

Another Discussion Question!

Okay guys. Any fanfiction recommendations involving any Legendary? They can be oneshots, epic-length novel fics, whatever. If you do recommend a fic, then please put the summary for it. Oh, one thing: You can't recommend a story that you've wrote.
As for my recommendation...
If I had to pick only one (don't worry. You can pick more than one if you like) , I'd have to say Exile by Glory for Sleep.
The Summary: Due to his arrogant behavior, Raikou is banned from the Legendary council and is forced to stay with Darkrai on Newmoon Island for his own protection. Of course, that's when the danger starts... ::RaikouxSuicune; DarkraixCresselia; MewtwoxDeoxys::



Also um HMMMMMM. Okay let's go with this one.

Equilibrium by neoEON~
He had to go back to Alamos Town, and she was going with him. Post-10th Movie, CresseliaxDarkrai.
Oh, I love that fic. Cresselia is a b*tch to Alice though. XD